vacuum oil filter of excessive foam in operation of analysis

Why are there many bubbles in the vacuum tank during the operation of the vacuum oil filter? One is caused by too much water and the other is the operating principle of the vacuum oil filter itself. This is caused by the principle of vacuum oil filter. Generally, vacuum adopts three-dimensional evaporation technology. In the process of removing water from oil, the water in oil evaporates in a vacuum environment (the boiling point of water is lower than that of oil) and becomes water vapor, which is released from the oil in the form of bubbles. But if when oil contains more moisture and high vacuum degree, the moisture in the oil rapidly into water vapor, water vapor is not ruled out in time, the performance for the oil surface bubbles, even injection occur, it may be due to you are using a vacuum filter oil machine design is flawed, it has no right to deal with your current state of middle and high water content and oil caused by instant defoaming.

vacuum oil filter of excessive foam in operation of analysis

If the amount of vacuum pumping is too small and the nozzle of the spray (atomizer) is too large, the water in the oil accumulates at the bottom of the vacuum tank before it completely evaporates, causing bubbles; Solution: reduce the amount of oil, turn down the inlet valve, let the oil into the vacuum tank to reduce, the water in the oil quickly evaporation out, the bubble will reduce some.

Another situation is that after the influent emulsified oil enters the vacuum flash tower, the vacuum will evaporate at high temperature, forming foam. If the vacuum oil filter you use does not have the defoaming sensing control system, or if the defoaming device is damaged, these foam will circulate with the oil into the tank or vacuum pump.

The solution of the above situation is to deal with oil products with high water or serious emulsification. The oil filter must be required to add foam sensor control system when buying the oil filter.

Of course, there are other reasons, but also may cause the vacuum oil filter when the tank foam.

Such as:

(1) The oil has cracked and cannot be reused. Turbine oil or hydraulic oil in hydraulic system due to run in high temperature for a long time, some of the oil additive constant volatilization of low molecular component, antifoam agent disappearing, as time goes on, oxidation, increased oil viscosity, oil film strength also increased, gas permeability variation, provides conditions for the formation and stability of the bubble exists. At this time, waste oil that can no longer be reused should be discarded. In general, the vacuum oil filter can extend the life of various oils in the turbine system by about 3 years, not indefinitely. Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to either continuously add new oil to neutralize the quality of the oil or to add the lost anti-foaming agent directly to the oil.

(2) There is something wrong with the design of the flash evaporation system of the vacuum oil filter. No matter what type of vacuum oil filter is used, its basic principle is to separate by heating and evaporation according to the different flash points of oil in the high vacuum environment. If the vacuum system design is not reasonable, the vacuum degree is insufficient or there is a short circuit in the air connection channel, it will lead to incomplete dehydration and water and gas precipitation of the filler layer, which will fall into the filtered oil and form foam, and then enter the tank with the system. It should be noted that many of our counterparts adopt inferior packing or bulk packing in vacuum flash tower, which is easy to cause partial retention of oil and wall flow (remaining on the wall of the tube of vacuum flash tower), and eventually fall into the oil and form foam.

(3) the operation of the vacuum filter oil machine of high vacuum, causing flash transition, high temperature makes the oil light hydrocarbon, additive composition in precipitation cause bubbles mixed with oil, and high vacuum degree, if a large number of water vapor is not timely recovery, or not itself design of recycling ability, also can cause water vapor and oil interaction to form a new bubble. This kind of circumstance appears, can reduce a bit of vacuum appropriately can.

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