vacuum oil filter in hydraulic system of function

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vacuum oil filter in hydraulic system of function

(1) Use the vacuum hydraulic oil filter function to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the anti-wear hydraulic hydraulic system and ensure the stable operation of the mill. Can prolong the service life of each hydraulic valve, ensure the service life of the hydraulic cylinder, so as to achieve a great reduction in the cost of accessories and the sharp reduction in manual maintenance. Moreover, it can guarantee and extend the service life of hydraulic oil, maintain the stable operation of hydraulic system, achieve the continuous and stable operation of mill, stable production of the whole cement plant, but also played a large economic benefit supporting role;

(2) For the lubrication of the reducer and roller bearing of the mill, it can ensure the viscosity and fluidity of the lubricating oil; Thus the service life of reducer and roller bearing is protected. Because the reducer is the main device, the cost is high. The economics of life extension are huge. The high price of imported roller bearings and seals prolongs their service life, which is of great importance.

(3) Estimation of the percentage of vacuum oil filter in hydraulic equipment of vertical mill. According to the calculation within one year, the general cost of a better vacuum oil filter (100L/ min) is about 75,000, accounting for the cost ratio of loading, grinding roll lubrication, reduction oil station and grinding roll bearing, oil cylinder and seals, and hydraulic valve is about 10%. According to the calculation in the past two years, it is about 5% (the consumables of the vacuum oil filter -- the costs of various filter elements and press cloth are included); For two years or more, the cost will gradually decrease and the benefit will gradually increase;

(4) Suggestions: Regularly use the vacuum high-precision oil filter to filter hydraulic oil, regularly clean the reducer, roller bearing oil pool and the corresponding hydraulic pressure. To ensure that the design and use of each hydraulic system, operation requirements. Only in this way can the mill run steadily and see the expected economic benefits.

To sum up: the vacuum oil filter is necessary in the operation of the hydraulic system. Once used, it reduces most of the maintenance work and ensures the reliability of continuous and stable operation of the mill. The use of vacuum oil filter has higher economic and practical value.

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