vacuum oil filter for turbine oil of installation and test

General process of installation and commissioning of turbo oil vacuum filter

vacuum oil filter for turbine oil of installation and test

1. All parts of the oil filter have undergone operation adjustment test before leaving the factory. After long distance transportation, it is necessary to check whether all parts are in good condition when arriving at the site of use.

2. Connect the oil filter to the power supply and ground wire. Power distribution cabinet, oil pump, vacuum pump and electric heater wiring should be checked to ensure firm connection and reliable insulation.

3. The oil filter must be balanced before it works.

4. Fill the vacuum pump oil and make the oil level reach the normal position.

5. Start the oil pump motor and vacuum pump motor on trial. Observe whether the rotation direction is consistent with the label.

6. Test the rotation of vacuum pump - motor, oil pump - motor, etc.

Filter oil machine connected power supply, close all the outer end of the filter oil machine, valve open position of the valve on the internal pipeline filter oil machine, start the vacuum pump, when the vacuum gauge pointer reaches 0.084 MPa is stable, down 5 minutes, meanwhile observe the vacuum gauge pointer down should not be more than 0.01 MPa, such as the decline in check whether there is connection parts of the filter oil machine leakage phenomenon and other reasons, should be in time of failure

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