vacuum oil filter for new air cooling technology of application

vacuum oil filter for  new air cooling technology of application

Vacuum filter oil machine in dealing with high moisture content of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, due to the vacuum pump oil pollution caused by water vapor in vacuum pump oil is secondary pollution, reduces the coefficient of the vacuum pump oil lubrication, if not timely replacement of vacuum pump oil, will wear the rotary-vane vacuum pump, unable to improve the vacuum degree of filter oil machine, which reduces the vacuum filter oil machine processing efficiency.

If the vacuum pump oil is replaced, the pump oil will be emulsified in a very short time, which will increase the working intensity of operators. Now in the vacuum oil filter industry.

At present, the commonly used method is natural air cooling. However, natural air cooling cannot change the 80℃ water vapor into water in a very short time, so a part of the water vapor will be taken into the vacuum pump, resulting in the emulsification of the vacuum pump oil, so that the vacuum degree cannot be increased. Vacuum pump because the oil is emulsified inside the blade will also be damaged by wear and tear, vacuum pump service life will be shortened.

The oil filter company adopts self-developed patented technology -- three-in-one cooling mode, namely "medium cooling + strong air cooling technology + water cooling". It is through the 80℃ water vapor forced to cool the medium and then into the strong wind cooler, and finally through the cooler water cooling, all the steam is condensed into water, collected in the water collector, and then all out of the vacuum oil filter. In this way, the air through the vacuum pump is basically no moisture, therefore, our vacuum pump oil in the oil filter does not need to be replaced soon, greatly reducing the working intensity of the operator.

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