vacuum oil filter consists of several major components

Vacuum oil filter is composed of heating, filtering, vacuum, condensation, adsorption and regeneration

The high efficient vacuum oil filter is a new high-tech product developed by our scientific and technical personnel, which is the upgrading and changing product of purifying turbine oil. Besides being used for treating various turbine oil transformers, this equipment can also be used for purifying hydraulic oil and lubricating oil used in steel rolling, Marine, agricultural, chemical and other machinery. The high and efficient vacuum regenerating oil purifier is connected with the purified oil tank. It can be handled online or handled separately when the machine is shut down.

vacuum oil filter consists of several major components

I. Mechanism and characteristics

The machine is composed of heating, filtration, vacuum, condensation, adsorption regeneration and other components. Sub: filtration system, heating system, vacuum system, oil supply system and electrical control system. It has the following characteristics:

1. Multi-purpose machine, complete functions: namely dehydration, degassing, adsorption and regeneration, three groups (crude, medium and fine) filtration of the comprehensive process treatment, and can provide vacuum dehydration and degassing, regeneration and adsorption filter impurities and other functions, extremely convenient to use.

2. Safe and reliable, with clear data indication and automatic control for pressure, temperature and liquid level.

3. High efficiency, economy, low processing cost, is the same kind of products * can complete advanced performance equipment.

Ii. Matters needing Attention

1. Before starting the machine, please read and understand the instructions of the machine in detail.

2. When using water-cooled vacuum pump, the water must be opened before the vacuum pump.

3. After the shutdown, the oil and water in the system should be promptly prevented. In winter, when no equipment is needed, the water in the water tank should be prevented from being cleaned, especially the water in the vacuum pump, to prevent freezing and cracking.

4, according to the filter pressure gauge pressure indicator value changes to determine the degree of filtercore dirt, regular manual cleaning, treatment of waste oil sewage and cleaning should be more frequent.

Iii. Maintenance:

After each use of the device, when used again:

1. Check the leakage status, and tighten the bolts when necessary.

2. Check whether the electrical components on the instrument panel are loose.

3, check the contact of the table head should not be loose.

4. Check whether the beginning of each valve is in good condition.

5. The oil level of vacuum pump should be above the red line (normal).

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