vacuum hot pressing furnace structure description

1. The vacuum hot pressing furnace is a vertical structure with double-layer water interlayer structure. The inner and outer walls and flanges are made of 304 stainless steel. The furnace body is divided into two parts, one third of which is the furnace cover, which can be opened manually and completely, and two thirds of which is the fixed furnace body, which is unique in design and easy to operate.

2. Vacuum system: it is composed of oil diffusion pump, roots pump, mechanical pump distribution magnetic differential pressure valve (to prevent sudden power failure and mechanical pump oil backflow), inflation valve, vent valve, vacuum butterfly valve, vacuum pressure gauge (± PA) bellows, vacuum pipeline and bracket, etc.

3. Hydraulic system: adopt electric input mode. The hydraulic station is equipped with imported proportional valve, pressure sensor, displacement display, grating ruler (ranging accuracy 0.02mm), hydraulic cylinder and other related hydraulic devices. The pressure regulation is semi-automatic and can be manually adjusted. The instrument can be set to automatically adjust the pressure, and can realize stable and pressure maintaining.

4. Water cooling system: it is composed of various valve and pipeline related devices and equipped with water cut-off sound and light alarm to automatically cut off the heating source or function.

5. Temperature control system: the temperature is controlled by thyristor, equipped with PID function instrument, digital display meter, with overtemperature acoustooptic alarm function, PLC touch screen automatic control can also be selected, and historical data can be retained, so as to facilitate the analysis of sintering process.

6. Charging system of vacuum hot pressing furnace: it is composed of various pipes and valves, equipped with electromagnetic vent valve and pressure sensor. When the pressure in the furnace is higher than the safety value, it will automatically deflate. The charging pipe is equipped with needle valve, which can control the charging amount.

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