vacuum heat treatment furnaces classifications

There are three types of vacuum heat treatment furnace: Well vacuum furnace, horizontal vacuum furnace and trolley vacuum furnace. The vacuum heat treatment furnace is divided into high vacuum furnace and low vacuum furnace according to the requirements of vacuum degree. Vacuum heat treatment furnace generally adopts electric heating mode, but the heating mode is still different, which is divided into internal heat vacuum furnace and external heat vacuum furnace.

From the perspective of heat treatment process, vacuum heat treatment furnace can also be divided into quenching, annealing, tempering, sintering and other purposes.

Working process of vacuum heat treatment furnace: the pre vacuum heat treatment furnace is widely used in the well structure, which needs to be placed in the foundation pit like the well type furnace, and the horizontal vacuum heat treatment furnace or trolley type vacuum heat treatment furnace can be directly placed on the horizontal ground. Lifting and loading the workpiece with workshop crane, loading the workpiece, pressing the furnace cover to seal, pumping the furnace to the specified vacuum pressure with vacuum pump in advance, and then carrying out vacuum heating, vacuum annealing, vacuum tempering, etc. according to the needs of the workpiece process.

Selection of heating chamber of vacuum sintering furnace: Graphite reflection screen: there are two kinds of hard felt and soft felt commonly used in vacuum heat treatment furnace, which are suitable for quenching, tempering and annealing of common steel. High temperature brazing, powder metallurgy and sintering. Metal heat shield; usually used in vacuum heat treatment furnace, there are two kinds of stainless steel and molybdenum.

Molybdenum reflecting screen is suitable for high temperature, high demand for furnace environment information, such as: high temperature alloy, titanium alloy, magnetic information, etc., quenching, annealing, high temperature brazing, sintering, etc. The stainless steel plate is suitable for tempering, low temperature annealing, aging, vacuum aluminum brazing, and other low temperature furnace type selection.

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