vacuum heat treatment

Vacuum heat treatment: it is a new heat treatment technology combining vacuum technology with heat treatment technology. The vacuum environment of vacuum heat treatment refers to the atmosphere environment below one atmospheric pressure, including low vacuum, medium vacuum, high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum. Vacuum heat treatment actually belongs to atmosphere control heat treatment. Vacuum heat treatment means that all or part of heat treatment process is carried out in vacuum state. Vacuum heat treatment can realize almost all heat treatment processes involved in conventional heat treatment, but the quality of heat treatment is greatly improved.

Advantages of vacuum heat treatment: compared with conventional heat treatment, vacuum heat treatment can achieve no oxidation, no decarburization, no carburization, and can remove the phosphorus chips on the surface of the workpiece, and has the function of degreasing and degassing, so as to achieve the effect of surface bright purification. After vacuum heat treatment, the life of parts can be increased by dozens or hundreds of times.

Factors affecting vacuum heat treatment: the process parameters used also have a crucial impact on the mold performance: it includes heating temperature, heating speed, holding time, cooling mode, cooling rate, energy saving and consumption reduction, production cost, etc. The correct heat treatment parameters can ensure the best performance of the die.

Vacuum heat treatment equipment: vacuum annealing furnace, vacuum tempering furnace, vacuum quenching furnace, vacuum carburizing furnace, etc.

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