vacuum furnace working method and classification

For decades, the manufacturers of vacuum furnaces at home and abroad have been committed to the research and development of vacuum furnaces. At present, they have made a series of vacuum furnaces suitable for processing various materials, which meet the needs of tools, aerospace and other parts.

vacuum furnace type introduction :

The vacuum furnace is widely used and has many furnace types. Here we mainly introduce the periodic operation type pre pumping vacuum furnace. This type of vacuum furnace is made of steel plate and section steel by assembling and welding into well type or box type furnace shell, the furnace lining adopts energy-saving composite fiber or all fiber insulation structure, the electric heating element adopts high temperature resistance alloy element arranged around the furnace, the furnace tank adopts high temperature resistant stainless steel plate automatic close welding roll, and the furnace cover adopts double water-cooled vacuum rubber sealed stainless steel inner insulation furnace cover. The vacuum sealing fan shall be equipped according to the process requirements. The pre vacuumizing furnace can be equipped with a cooling system to draw out the hot nitrogen in the furnace and connect it with the cold nitrogen into the quick cooling circulating system of the tank.

vacuum furnace purpose:

According to different process requirements, vacuum furnace can be used in different temperature areas of high temperature, medium temperature and low temperature. It can be used in aviation aircraft manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and precision machinery manufacturing to carry out heat treatment and spheroidizing annealing for precision parts, such as light non oxidation non decarburization heating, quenching, annealing and tempering. It can also be used in the non-ferrous metal industry for bright non oxidation annealing of copper, and it can also be used in the petroleum machinery industry for vacuum sintering of metal or non-metal materials and parts.

vacuum furnace working mode:

The pre pumping vacuum furnace is widely used in the well structure. It needs to be placed in the foundation pit like the well type furnace, and the horizontal vacuum furnace or trolley type vacuum furnace can be used directly on the horizontal ground. Lift and load workpieces with workshop crane, load workpieces, compress furnace cover seal, pump furnace to specified vacuum pressure with vacuum pump in advance, and then carry out vacuum heating, vacuum annealing, vacuum tempering, etc. according to the process needs of workpieces.

vacuum furnaces classification:

1. The vacuum furnace generally adopts electric heating mode, but the heating mode is still different, which is divided into internal heating vacuum furnace and external heating vacuum furnace.

2. The vacuum furnace is divided into high vacuum furnace and low vacuum furnace according to the requirements of vacuum degree.

3. There are three types of vacuum furnaces: Well vacuum furnace, horizontal vacuum furnace and trolley vacuum furnace.

4. From the perspective of heat treatment process, vacuum furnace can also be divided into quenching, annealing, tempering, sintering and other purposes.

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