vacuum atmosphere furnace heat transfer method

What are the ways of heat transfer in vacuum furnace?

In the application of electric heating equipment, how many kinds of heat conduction make the furnace temperature in the vacuum atmosphere even? Based on many years of practice and literature reference, the following basic methods are summarized:

Heat conduction is a complicated situation in the whole process of heating. The whole process of heat conduction can be divided into three basic modes: conduction, convection and radiation.

1. Convection of vacuum furnace manufacturer refers to the heat transfer caused by the relative displacement of each part of the fluid. When the fluid is based on the surface of an object, it is called stable heat transfer, including the whole process of layered conduction around the object surface, the whole process of convection outside the laminar flow, and the convection caused by the laminar flow. The temperature and the density of the fluid itself, the natural flow and the heat transfer between the fluid and the surface are called "natural stable heat transfer". The flow caused by adding various mechanical forces is called "forced flow". The heat transfer between the fluid and the surface is called "forced convection".

2. Radiation is a whole process of transmitting heat energy according to electromagnetic wave. Radiation heat transfer not only has energy transfer, but also has energy form conversion, that is, heat energy is converted into radiation energy, and radiation energy is absorbed and converted into heat energy.

3. The vacuum furnace manufacturer's Guide refers to the heat conduction that occurs when the objects with different internal temperature or different temperature contact directly and the material point has no relative displacement. In liquid and non-conductive objects, the heat transfer depends on the action of elastic wave, on the movement of free electrons in metal, and mainly on the diffusion and collision of atoms or molecules in gas.

In practical work, it can be seen that the whole process of heat conduction is rarely a single way of heat conduction. In most cases, the combination of two or three modes is carried out at the same time.

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