ultrasonic cleaning machine of different advantages

One reason is that the cleaning function of ultrasonic cleaner is good, the operation is simple. What people hear sound is 20-20000 hz frequency signal, above 20000 hz waves called ultrasonic cleaning machine, sound waves transmitted in accordance with the sinusoidal vertical conveying, the onset of many small bubbles. One reason is the liquid inside local tensile stress and negative pressure, the pressure of the land originally dissolved in the liquid gas supersaturation, and escape from the liquid, a small bubbles; Another reason is that the strong tensile stress pulls the liquid apart into a void called cavitation.

ultrasonic cleaning machine of different advantages

Ultrasonic wave is the sound wave whose frequency is higher than 20,000 Hertz. It has good directionality, strong penetrating ability, and easy to obtain the sound energy of convergence. It can convey a long distance in water, and can be used for ranging, velocity measurement, cleaning, welding, crushing, sterilization and disinfection. It has many applications in medicine, military, industry and agriculture. Ultrasound gets its name from the fact that its lower frequency is roughly equal to the upper limit of human hearing.

The principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly through the transducer, the power ultrasonic source of sound energy into mechanical oscillation, after cleaning the tank wall will be ultrasonic radiation into the tank cleaning liquid. Exposed to ultrasonic radiation, the tiny bubbles in the liquid in the tank are then subjected to the sound waves and continue to oscillate.

When the sound pressure or sound intensity pressure reached a certain level of time, the bubble will be rapid expansion, and then suddenly closed. In this process, the bubble closed in an instant attack wave, so that the bubble around 1012-1013pa of pressure and local temperature control, the ultrasonic cavitation of the great pressure can damage insoluble dirt and make them synthetic in solution, the direct and repeated impact of steam cavitation on the dust.

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