turbo turbine oil vacuum filter of advantages and applications

Turbine oil is used to treat turbines with generator oil, which quickly and efficiently removes water, gas and impurities from the oil. The oil quality index complies with the new oil standard to ensure the proper operation of equipment regulation and lubrication system and to extend the maintenance cycle of equipment.  

The turbo oil vacuum filter (TURbo oil vacuum filter), using a new collection and separation technology, was the first domestic product to be developed for the production of high water content, easy emulsification and many impurities in turbo oil and turbo oil. It USES internationally enhanced hydrophilic and hydrophobic, dehydration and precision filtration principles. It can be used for demulsification, dehydration, deacidification and removal of impurities to make turbines and turbine oils transparent. It is suitable for deep dehydration and purification of lubricating oil which needs to remove large amount of water and realize precise filtration of impurities, such as transparent oil, hydraulic oil, cooling oil, etc.  

turbo turbine oil vacuum filter of advantages and applications

Features of turbo oil filter:

1. Turbine oil filter has been selected as the invention award and the State Science and Technology Progress Award for the invention patents for high-water filtration. Dehydration and depth-1 dehydration, removal of residues, removal of gum, demulsification, deacidification, discoloration and removal of oil.  

2. Turbine oil filter has various functions, such as centrifugal separation, molecular filtration, condensation dehydration, box filtration, pressure filtration and vacuum deep drying.  

3. The turbo oil filter has environmental protection functions and does not consume filter elements; The equipment adopts fuzzy control technology and Schneider electric equipment, which is reliable in operation and long in service life.  

4. The turbine oil filter is equipped with the functions of blanking overload protection, automatic dry burning prevention, automatic defoaming and automatic oil level control.  

5. The turbine oil filter can carry out on-line purification synchronously with the device.  

6. Turbine oil filter unit runs smoothly, softly and with very low noise.  

7. Turbo oil filter has large diameter, strong dust capacity, long life and low maintenance cost.

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