tubular atmosphere furnace two key points for attention

The tube type atmosphere furnace uses the iron chromium aluminum alloy hot wire as the heating element, the furnace * high temperature is 1000 ℃, the temperature measuring element adopts the nickel chromium nickel silicon thermocouple (k scale), the temperature controller adopts the tcw-32 series precise digital display intelligent temperature controller, which has two types of constant temperature type and program temperature control type. With high temperature control accuracy, low thermal conductivity and high thermal efficiency, it can be used by laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutes and other units for heat treatment and sintering tests of metal, non-metal, ceramics, glass, new materials, etc.

Now I'd like to introduce the precautions of the tubular atmosphere furnace:

1、 Tube temperature system operation: the user switch board supplies power to the electric furnace, at this time, the program meter is powered on, the instrument (such as P, I, D parameters) is set according to the temperature instrument manual, the heating program is prepared according to the process requirements, the heating knob is opened, and the heating power reaches 6kW. The heating power can be calculated as follows: heating power = instrument voltage, instrument current

The normal heating current is about 22a, and the heating voltage is about 220V.

Heating stop: after the end of the program temperature, the execution time = 0 section of the program, the heating is finished. Turn the stop button to the off position and disconnect the user switch.

2、 The programmed temperature shall not be higher than the furnace parameter temperature:

When the tube resistance furnace is working, the furnace door shall not be opened. When taking the product, wait until the furnace temperature is below 100 ℃.

When heating up, the heating power shall not exceed 6kW, otherwise the heating element will be damaged.

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