trolley hearth furnace reasons for unsatisfactory heat preservation

Trolley furnace insulation is not ideal? Here's why

Trolley type heating furnace can be divided into trolley type heating furnace and trolley type heat treatment furnace, belongs to the gap type variable temperature furnace. The furnace consists of a furnace, a lifting furnace door and a moving trolley.

trolley hearth furnace reasons for unsatisfactory heat preservation

According to the different temperature in the furnace, it can be divided into trolley type heat treatment furnace and trolley type heating furnace. Heat treatment furnace temperature 650-1150℃, heating furnace temperature 1250-1300℃. Trolley type furnace heating fuel is usually gas or natural gas.

1. Lining selection

According to the furnace temperature, gas atmosphere, economy, safety and other factors and many years of practical experience, the furnace lining materials are as follows:

A. The furnace roof and wall are mostly made of zirconium-containing ceramic fiber modules, and the furnace lining can be made of high-purity ceramic fiber felt or high-aluminum ceramic fiber felt;

B. The furnace door and the following furnace door are made of fiber castable materials;

C. The top and wall of the heat treatment furnace are mainly composed of high-purity or high-aluminum ceramic fiber modules;

The backing can be standard or high purity ceramic fiber felt, the furnace door and the furnace door below the use of fiber castable.

2. Insulation thickness of lining

The insulation thickness of the lining mainly depends on all kinds of industrial furnace of the furnace wall, wall surface temperature, often need through thermodynamic calculation to determine the minimum thickness of insulation, and then based on factors such as safety, economy, and ultimately determine the reasonable thickness of insulation, combined with years of experience in bogie hearth furnace wall lined with application, suggest furnace insulation thickness is 280 ~ 350 millimeter, heat treatment furnace insulation thickness is 250 ~ 300 mm.

Lining insulation structure

According to the working conditions of the trolley type furnace, it is suggested that the lining of furnace wall should be layered and stacked. It is suggested that Angle iron anchorage should be used as lining anchorage.

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