trolley furnace of structural features

Trolley furnace is an energy - saving periodic furnace structure, which is generally composed of furnace body and bearing trolley. The furnace body is composed of shell steel structure, furnace lining insulation layer and heating element. Trolley structure consists of frame, trolley sprocket, anti-impact reset brick masonry, trolley power traction mechanism, heating element, furnace bottom plate and so on.

trolley furnace of structural features

Lining insulation layer:

Trolley furnace insulation layer has two kinds of furnace lining structure, standard specifications trolley furnace is generally made of heavy refractory brick, light high aluminum thermal insulation brick and so on into a composite lining body, by light micro-bead vacuum ball energy-saving brick and long fiber aluminum silicate thermal insulation blanket composite fiber insulation, large trolley furnace or part of the non-standard products with ceramic fiber insulation structure. Refractory bricks of high quality are used to strengthen the lining structure. Trolley furnace has excellent insulation performance and high efficiency and energy saving characteristics.

Trolley steel structure:

Welded frame steel beam and steel plate, its rigidity ensures normal operation under full load and long-term use without deformation. Trolley steel structure design bearing capacity is very large, better than the general box furnace bearing capacity. Its characteristics of heavy load, and easy to load and unload the movable loading trolley, reflects the biggest advantage of trolley furnace, has become the most widely used industrial furnace in heat treatment industry.

Trolley sprocket:

The quantity of trolley wheel and chain is related to the bearing capacity of trolley furnace. The transmission shaft is made of 45# steel and tempered. Ball bearings are used for transmission bearing to ensure load requirement.

Trolley power traction mechanism:

Trolley power mechanism is generally motor and reducer, which drives sprocket rotation to make the trolley move. The entry and exit of the trolley are equipped with double insurance limit switch and linkage mechanism.

Heating element:

The heating element of the trolley furnace, on both sides of the wall, the trolley, the furnace door, the back wall high resistance alloy material resistance wire or resistance belt. The material is mostly made of 0Cr25AL5 or 0Cr27Al7Mo2 high-resistance alloy material, with a special terminal connecting the cable for power supply.

The furnace bottom plate:

Cr18Mn12Si2N heat-resistant steel castings can be used for a long time at 1100℃ to ensure no deformation or cracking in the long term use. In addition, Cr24Ni7N heat-resistant steel furnace bottom plate can be used to reduce the possibility of oxidation skin falling off the bottom plate of Cr24Ni7N furnace and causing damage to the heating element in the installation tank by short circuit.

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