​trolley furnace of operation and maintenance

Trolley furnace is the main furnace type in the heat treatment industry, which is responsible for the heat treatment production process of large castings and forgings. Standard trolley furnace operation and daily maintenance can ensure the normal operation and production of equipment.

trolley furnace of operation and maintenance

Operating items

1. The workpieces with corrosive, volatile and explosive gases are strictly forbidden to enter the furnace body for processing, so as not to affect the service life of heating elements and refractory materials and cause explosion and other accidents.

2. The trolley furnace shall not be operated over temperature, otherwise the service life of the equipment will be shortened.

3. Too many workpieces should be cleaned before they are put into the furnace.

4. The workpiece should not touch the heating element, and the distance from the heating element should be kept at least 100-150mm.

5. Brutal operation is strictly prohibited, and the workpiece should be put gently to avoid impact.

6. When the trolley furnace is in use, the operator shall not leave his post without authorization and must pay attention to whether the working conditions are normal at any time.

7. When the trolley furnace is loading and unloading parts, the power supply of heating elements must be cut off first to ensure the safety of operators.

8. Oxides in the furnace (including resistance wires or belts) should be cleaned frequently, at least once a week. Compressed air can be blown under the bottom plate of the furnace.

Routine inspection and maintenance

1. Check whether the power supply of the trolley furnace is normal, whether there is phase break, short circuit or bare wire, etc.

2. Check whether the connection of grounding device is in good condition.

3. Check whether there is any damage to the heating element, whether the connection is in good contact, whether there is any contact with the furnace body.

4. Check whether the temperature control system operates normally.

5. Check whether the lifting of the furnace door and the running of the trolley are normal.

6. Motor and reducer of trolley furnace should be checked regularly and lubricating oil should be added to ensure safety.

7. Lubrication oil must be frequently checked at the shaft sleeve to prevent damage to the shaft sleeve due to lack of oil.

8. Check the use of heating elements regularly.

9. Regularly check the use of instruments and thermocouples to prevent incorrect temperature measurement due to the errors of instruments and thermocouples.

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