trolley furnace for description of oven technology

For the new or long-term use (more than half a year) to re-use the trolley furnace must be oven, in order to remove the moisture inside the lining, improve the insulation performance, strengthen the lining structure strength. After the oven lining can also reduce the rapid temperature caused by refractory cracking and damage to the lining phenomenon. For the newly built trolley furnace lining must be not less than 5℃ air natural drying 2-3 days and nights before the oven can be carried out.

trolley furnace for description of oven technology

Oven process is carried out according to the following table:

At room temperature ~ 200℃ for 12 hours

200℃ ~ 400℃ for 12 hours

400℃ ~ 600℃ for 8 hours

600℃ ~ 800℃, 4 hours

800℃ ~ 1000℃, 2 hours


1. When the temperature of the furnace is below 400℃, slightly open the door of the furnace to let the water inside the furnace evaporate out;

2. When the furnace temperature is above 400℃, close the furnace door;

3. After the oven is finished, when the furnace temperature drops below 100℃, the insulation resistance between phase and phase and ground shall be measured with a 500-volt megohm meter, and its resistance value shall be no less than 0.5 megohm;

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