transformer vacuum oil filling equipment of operation measures

Work with the transformer manufacturer to confirm the cooperation between the two parties and specify the construction date. According to the requirements of the implementation of the relevant process measures, organizational measures.

Prepare enough qualified new oil, take oil sample for chemical and electrical test, analyze and test test data.

Prepare vacuum oil filter, oil filter, vacuum pump and other equipment as well as oil drums, oil pipes, pipe joints, valves, vacuum meters, seals, gaskets, oil filter paper, oil standard pipes and other accessories, and ensure that they are clean and free of sundries

transformer vacuum oil filling equipment of operation measures

Cooling water source for vacuum pump.

Adequate lighting and fire protection equipment are provided on site.

Understand the weather, determine the start date, and record the temperature, humidity and other data before the start.

Organize the study of the plan, clarify the division of labor, and check that the on-site security measures should meet the requirements.

Explain clearly the relevant measures and work discipline to the working class members.

Operation measures of transformer vacuum oil filling equipment!

The upper and lower transformers shall be constructed around special channels and low-voltage side bushing, and necessary anti-skid measures shall be taken.

When working on the top of the transformer, work should be done according to the rules for working at height.

Carefully understand the good weather conditions, the body and the air contact time in the air humidity is not more than 75% when not more than 12 hours, humidity is less than 65%, the allowed time is 16 hours.

In the cross operation, we should pay attention to the mutual contact, and strictly prevent the occurrence of injuries and equipment damage caused by falling objects.

Oil filters, vacuum pumps and power tools should be checked before use, and their metal shells should be reliably grounded.

Each device should be carefully disassembled and put in the designated place after making relevant marks to prevent damage.

The application of white cloth or silk cloth when scrubbing the relevant devices is not allowed to use cotton yarn.

Do not cut off water when vacuum pump is in use. Keep the oil temperature between 45 ℃ and 55℃ when vacuum pump is in use.

Vacuum oil filling shall be carried out slowly, and the time of oil filling shall not be less than 4 hours. The vacuum degree shall be maintained for at least 6 hours after oil filling.

In the whole working process, each professional operation personnel should coordinate the work under the unified command of the general responsible person. Prevent the occurrence of accidents and multiple commands.

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