transformer cooling system of working principle

The traditional power transformer is controlled by the artificial fan, and there are 6 groups of each transformer air-cooled motor needs to be control, and each set of fan is dependent on thermal relay, fan power supply circuit through the contactor control, fan through the transformer oil temperature and transformer overload process measurement, thus through logical judgment to determine the start and stop of the fan.

transformer cooling system of working principle

The mechanical contact is mainly driven by artificial mechanical contact. In this way, traditional control can only be controlled manually. All but the biggest drawback is the fan to start and stop at the same time, at the same time and when to start the impact current is bigger, often damage to components in the circuit, when the temperature at the time of 45 to 55 degrees Celsius, is often taken all the work in the way, it will bring huge waste of energy and can cause great difficulty for the maintenance of equipment.

General cooling control system mainly USES components including relay, thermal relay and various contact logic circuit control system, the control logic is very complex, in the actual process of operation of the contactors and contacts for many times of contact and separation caused by the burning phenomenon. Moreover, the fan also lacks some necessary protection, such as overload, lack of phase and overload, which will reduce the reliability of its operation in the actual operation process and increase the operation cost virtually.

Components of strong oil and strong air - cooled transformer cooler

The cooler is composed of heat exchanger, fan, motor, air duct, oil flow indicator of oil pump, etc. A cooling fan is used to expel hot air emitted from a heat exchanger. The oil pump is installed in the lower part of the cooler to circulate the top oil of the heat exchanger to the lower part. The oil flow indicator is installed in the lower part of the cooler in an obvious position to facilitate the operator to observe the operation state of the oil pump.

The role of the transformer oil tank and cooling unit

The oil tank of the transformer is the outer shell of the transformer, which contains the core, winding and transformer oil, and plays a certain role in heat dissipation.

The function of transformer cooling device is that when there is a temperature difference in the upper oil temperature of transformer, oil circulation will be formed through the radiator, so that the oil will flow back to the oil tank after cooling by the radiator, which can reduce the temperature of transformer oil. In order to improve the cooling effect, measures such as air cooling, oil cooling or water cooling can be adopted.

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