touch screen automatic oil filter of excellent characteristic

With the gradual intelligent development of industrial equipment, more and more enterprises in the production or power industry are also consulting requirements in the procurement of oil filter equipment, oil filter function can not also be designed to achieve intelligent operation. In fact, fully automatic oil filter has been used in the market, just because the current cost is quite high, has not been as common oil filter as widely used.

touch screen automatic oil filter of excellent characteristic

Below, to give you a popular science, touch screen automatic oil filter excellent characteristics

Automatic control with PLC touch screen is adopted, because it is automatic control, the operation of the equipment is more simple, further protect the equipment and personal safety.

● User-friendly operation interface.

● Secure operation permission, you can set the management password.

● Automatic control to achieve touch screen operation. This automatic oil filter adopts PLC programmer to realize central data processing, calculate and process all kinds of collected variable data, and issue instructions to the implementation of the original, so as to completely realize unattended and automatic operation.

● Timing switch machine -- it can set the equipment to start and stop automatically in a predetermined time.

● Digital adjustment of operating parameters, can be arbitrary adjustment of each parameter.

● Parameter safety protection function, with safe range control for parameters that can be set to avoid numerical overflow. For example, the heating temperature setting range is 20-65 degrees. You can't set it to 100 degrees to ensure the safety of the equipment.

● Digital centralized control. Centralized analysis and control of each operating parameter.

● With automatic start and stop function.

● Automatic constant temperature heating.

● Automatic balance measurement.

● System animation simulation run, you can clearly understand the operation of each part.

● Online intelligent help and operation.

● Fault recording, recording each fault caused by the equipment in the allowed.

● Running curve real-time display analysis.

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