surface grinder of division of work before and after maintenance and protection

Surface grinder maintenance work is divided into different stages, that is, early and late, in different stages need to do different work, only reasonable division of labor can achieve the surface grinder efficient maintenance effect.

later stage

1. Inspection of bearing clearance adjustment of grinding wheel spindle;

2. Grinding the worktable and scraping the burr on each guide surface;

3. Check the oil pump and pipeline joints, check and adjust the screw nut clearance of feed mechanism;

4. Clean surface grinder motor and electrical equipment.

early stage

1. Clean the iron chip groove, accessories and water tank of the cooling pump, check the coolant, clean and adjust the grinding head and grinding head inlay;

2. Clean oil filter, disk, bed surface, guide rail surface, hydraulic pump, pipeline and oil circuit;

3. Check and adjust the pressure of the pressure valve, and check whether the hydraulic handle and guide rail are flexible;

4. Check the travel speed and oil inlet condition of guide rail;

5. Tighten all screws;

6. Clean the internal and external parts of surface grinder and add lubricating oil.

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