steam turbine oil filter in power plant of application

Application of oil filter in thermal power plant

The oil system is an important part of the steam turbine in the thermal power plant, in which the oil filter equipment provides impurity free and low moisture oil products for the whole oil system, which is an important measure to promote the oil quality and ensure the stable operation of the oil system. According to the different type of oil filter, the oil filter effect is also different. The higher the quality of the oil in the oil system, the more efficient the oil can be. Meanwhile, the environmental pollution can be reduced and conditions can be provided for the improvement of power generation efficiency of thermal power plants, thus bringing more economic benefits to thermal power plants.

steam turbine oil filter in power plant of application

Effects of oil on equipment

The problem of oil quality in thermal power plant is related to the overall system operation safety and provides guarantee for the stable operation of power plant. Oil quality problems will lead to equipment failure, damage to equipment, bring serious economic losses to thermal power plants, affect People's Daily production and life, and even threaten people's life and property safety. In order to avoid equipment failure and reduce economic losses, it is necessary to strictly monitor the oil quality in the turbine oil system to improve its quality. The application of filter in oil system can effectively filter impurities in turbine oil and play a more ideal purification role. However, according to the different requirements and types of the oil system, the filtering effect of the oil filter is not the same, so it is necessary to combine with the actual situation to select the oil filter scientifically and reasonably.

Use of steam turbines in power plants

As the key equipment in the operation of thermal power plants and an important part to ensure the safety of the oil system, the national standard of turbine oil quality is attached importance to by the relevant regulatory authorities in China. The promulation and update of the standard provide effective guidance and reference for the improvement of the oil quality and constantly promote the improvement of the oil system. Compared with the old standard, the new standard provides more detailed provisions for oil quality, and sets specific standard values for water content, particle size and impurities in turbine oil.

The reason of low oil quality is that the low oil quality in the operation process will lead to the failure of the steam turbine equipment, and the low oil quality of the steam turbine is usually due to the influence of other equipment of the steam turbine in the operation process or from its own excessive impurities, and insufficient daily maintenance will also bring pollution to the oil quality.

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