steam solenoid valve of installation problem

steam solenoid valve of installation problem

Operate solenoid valve before installation

1, the equipment before the steam solenoid valve, the pipeline is necessary to clean. Advocate in front of the valve equipment filters, steam pipe equipment traps.

2. Before the equipment, pay attention to the product label, read the operation manual carefully, and judge whether the product conforms to the operation conditions.

3, the steam solenoid valve before and after the pipe need equipment pressure gauge, in order to investigate the pipe pressure.

4, in the equipment when the steam solenoid valve products, must carefully read the product equipment manual. The specification describes the product type, specifications, use, operating environment and other parameters, it is very important for the product equipment.

5, in the equipment before the steam solenoid valve, clean the pipe with clean water, to prevent the formation of foreign body pipe obstruction, briefly cause mechanical problems.

6, adhere to the steam solenoid valve equipment around the outstanding environment, to prevent the solenoid valve equipment in a water or water vapor condensed environment, so briefly increase the solenoid valve presents the problem may, reduce the use of the solenoid valve life.

7, the ordinary steam solenoid valve can not be used in the risk of explosive operating environment, assuming that the steam solenoid valve needs explosion-proof function, should be explained to the manufacturer in advance.

8. Correct equipment can maintain the normal operation of the equipment and extend the operating life of the equipment.

9, on the small diameter solenoid valve, especially the ultra-small flow control valve, the saving gap is very small, medium can not have a little slag. In this case, the solenoid valve manufacturer in front of the valve on the pipe equipment a filter, to ensure that the medium smoothly through. With the use of positioner regulating valve, positioner operation is not normal, its air saving port blockage is the most common problem. Therefore, when working with positioner, it is necessary to deal with the air source, usually the way to choose is in the positioner front air source pipeline equipment air filter pressure reducing valve.

10, such as solid particles in the medium or washed off in pipe welding slag and rust objects such as congestion, formed through the won't save jam problems, can convert saves the gap big savings - save the area of a window, open the valve core and the sleeve, because of its save face product rather than the circumference of a circle spread have gathered, faults can be very brief were swept away. Hypothesis is a single, two-seat valve can be changed to the plunger - shaped spool "V" valve, or into a sleeve valve, etc. For example, a two-seater valve in a chemical plant is often stuck, and the problem will be solved as soon as the sleeve valve is recommended.

Operate after solenoid valve is installed

1, after the steam solenoid valve equipment needs to pass into the medium test action for several times, admitted to normal before it can be put into formal use.

2, should regularly clean the large valve and the bit suction surface dirt, pay attention not to damage the sealing surface.

3, the steam solenoid valve is not necessary for a long time, should close the manual valve before the valve, when starting from the beginning, the steam steam solenoid valve should be condensed water clean, and make a trial action for several times, before the switch can be put into use.

4, the steam solenoid valve from the pipe do not have to be removed, the internal parts should be wiped clean and compressed air blowing clean storage.

5, when the service time is long, such as the piston and valve seat sealing is not good, the piston sealing surface can be ground from the head, and then the seat ground.

6. When working, pay attention to the pressure gauge before and after the valve. It is required that the working pressure should not exceed the extra pressure. When the working pressure exceeds the extra pressure or the working pressure difference exceeds the extra pressure difference, the steam solenoid valve to stop the use of manual valves before and after closing, to avoid steam solenoid valve burst and leakage.

Steam is widely used in industrial production, and it is necessary to control the steam automatically in many occasions to meet the requirements of the production process. With the development of energy-saving operations, how to choose reliable and inexpensive equipment for steam useful and accurate control, has become a problem that is widely attached importance to.

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