single-layer press over multi-layer press advantages

What advantages does single layer have over multi - layer hot press

Compared with multi - layer hot press, single - layer hot press has many advantages. Below the mechanical cat for you to explain. What's the difference? Firstly, compared with the single-layer hot press, the cutting loss of the multi-layer hot press is greater than that of the single-layer hot press, and the material utilization rate is lower. Because of the multi-layer hot pressing machine each finished plate are required to cut four sides, and the single-layer press only cut a large and four sides, generally with the output of 50,000 cubic meters of annual production line, the multi-layer press cutting loss is 3.5 times of the single-layer press;

The multi-layer hot press has a large opening gear, a long closing time and auxiliary time, a long closing time when the plate is damaged in the middle and end of the hot plate, resulting in a thick pre-curing layer and a large amount of sanding. The single-layer press has small opening, short auxiliary time, thin pre-curing layer and small sanding. With 16mm plate thickness, sanding only one third of the multilayer press. Single layer press control operation is simple, operators only need to pay attention to a slab; If a slab due to improper operation, not in place is bound to affect the work cycle, or produce waste. In addition, the automatic detection of single-layer press is perfect, which can easily meet the requirements of automatic production under unmanned control.

Secondly, the use of hot press low failure rate, no device long life, low maintenance costs;

The products produced by the single-layer press are large-format products, which can be cut into non-standard products of different sizes according to the needs of users, so as to meet the needs of users in various aspects. And multi - layer press product format is a single specification; The slab pavement of the single-layer press is installed on the metal mesh belt, the transportation distance is short, and no prepress is needed. The slab and the mesh belt directly enter the hot press. And the multi-layer press transport distance is long, to change a number of transport aircraft and hot pressing machine loading process, slab multi-layer distortion, pull, the thickness of the paving slab symmetry, easy to cause the finished plate due to thickness symmetry difference and buckling deformation; Because the single-layer press format is large, so the area is large, but because there is no need to prepress and some transport and loading machine, so the entire spread pressure length is relatively not too long.

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