silicon carbide in DPF application

The new material of heat treatment requires more than 99.2% silicon carbide content of raw material, and the self-developed purification process ensures the high purity of the micro powder. After the micro powder is shaped by the patented plastic equipment, the micro powder has the advantages of good particle shape and strong fluidity. The whole production process is controlled by the fully automatic control air flow pulverizing equipment and the world-class particle size detector, further It ensures the three advantages of the powder: strong stability, high purity and good particle shape. The products made of our company's powder have high density, smooth appearance and long service life.

DPF (vehicle exhaust purifier) uses a specific structure of high temperature resistant material to intercept the particles in the exhaust gas, and timely regenerates the filter, so as to reduce the emissions of particles. Among them, filter material is the key factor that restricts the overall performance of filter (such as filter efficiency, exhaust pressure and durability). In recent years, silicon carbide has been widely used in oil vehicle exhaust particulate filter due to its excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity, which is expected to replace cordierite as a new type of diesel vehicle exhaust particulate filter material.


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