removing screw from surface grinder of method

If the diameter of the surface grinder's broken head screw is large and loose, it can be slowly picked out by hand hammer and flat chisel in the opposite direction of the thread. If the broken end is higher than the end face, it can be filed into a square and screwed out, or a nut can be welded on the broken end to screw it out. If it is a thread sliding buckle, an enlarged hole can be drilled at the thread hole, and the thread can be reformed.

Then prepare a stepped bolt with one end enlarged and the other end kept the original diameter, enlarge the original screw hole, and then process a screw plug with internal and external threads. The outer diameter matches the enlarged screw hole, and the internal screw hole has the same diameter as the original one. Apply 502 adhesive on the external thread, and then screw in the enlarged screw hole. Chemical method. The rust remover or loosening agent is directly sprayed on the corroded bolts and nuts of the surface grinder, and then removed after a period of time. This method is easy to cause damage to the equipment, so it is generally used with caution

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