regenerative chamber forging furnace characteristics

Regenerative chamber forging furnace is often used in the casting and forging industry. The basic knowledge of regenerative chamber forging furnace.

1、 Characteristics of regenerative chamber forging furnace:

a. It is mainly used for heating the billet before forging;

b. It can use blast furnace gas, hot dirty gas, mixed gas, natural gas, liquefied gas, producer gas and other gas fuels;

c. The honeycomb structure design of high-efficiency heat storage has the advantages of small volume, simple and compact structure, and the efficiency is more than twice that of conventional heat storage;

d. The temperature difference between the medium preheating temperature and the flue gas temperature at the inlet is less than 100 ℃, and the residual heat of flue gas can be recovered at the limit;

e. Meet the emission standard of air pollutants for industrial furnaces (GB9078-1996);

f. The burners are installed on the top of the furnace, with smaller floor area and more flexible layout;

g. Top mounted self regenerative burner, small power and multi-point arrangement, higher control accuracy, more uniform furnace temperature;

h. Adopt composite pouring furnace bottom, furnace wall and furnace top, furnace door full fiber structure;

i. The sealing mode adopts the fire-resistant fiber soft sealing structure, the pressing mode adopts the multi-point cylinder pressing, and the furnace door lifting is driven by the winch;

j. Perfect safety control system, using gas, air and compressed air detection and safety control system.

2、 Advantages of regenerative chamber forging furnace: energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, long life, complete series.

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