refractory heat treatment classification

There are many kinds of refractories, and they are widely used. There are several common ones.

According to the chemical mineral composition, refractories can be divided into 8 categories:

1、 Siliceous material.

2、 Aluminum silicate material.

3、 Magnesium material.

4、 Dolomitic material.

5、 Chrome material.

6、 Carbon material.

7、 Zirconium material.

8、 Special refractory.

According to the chemical characteristics, refractories can be divided into three categories:

1、 Acid refractory.

2、 Neutral refractory.

3、 Basic refractory.

Refractories can be divided into three categories according to their fire resistance:

1、 Ordinary refractory, fire resistance of 1580-1770 degrees.

2、 High grade refractory with fire resistance of 1770-2000.

3、 Super grade refractory, with fire resistance higher than 2000 ℃.

Refractories can be classified into 7 categories according to forming process:

1、 Natural schist processing and forming.

2、 Compression molding refractory.

3、 Cast refractory.

4、 Molded refractory.

5、 Rammed refractory.

6、 Spray formed refractory.

7、 Extruded refractory.

Refractory materials can be divided into four types according to the pattern of heat treatment punishment:

1、 Make bricks.

2、 Do not burn bricks.

3、 Unstable refractory.

4、 Melted (CAST) products.

Refractories can be divided into 5 categories according to their shapes and sizes:

1、 Standard products.

2、 General products.

3、 Heterosexual products.

4、 Special products.

5、 Others, such as crucible, dish, tube, etc.

Refractories can be divided into:

1、 Refractory for steel industry.

2、 Refractory for nonferrous metals industry.

3、 Refractory in petrochemical industry.

4、 Refractory for silicate industry (glass kiln, cement kiln, ceramic kiln, etc.).

5、 Fire resistant materials for power industry (power generation boiler).

6、 Refractory for waste ignition melting furnace.

7、 Refractories for other industries.


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