quenching base liquid in vacuum quenching furnace of classification and differen

Quenching base liquids used in vacuum quenching furnace equipment of classification and distinction

quenching base liquid in vacuum quenching furnace of classification and differen

Quenching process refers to the material to be processed (usually metal) temperature after heating to process demand, and then in the rapid cooling of quenching liquid, so as to improve the wear resistance and hardness of the material, for different process requirements, the quenching liquid is also different, vacuum quenching furnace manufacturer some explanations on the effect of different quenching liquid:

Oil base quenching liquid:

In the early stage of oil base quenching, animal and vegetable oils were used, but the price and supply were not stable. Now, mineral oils, such as diesel, 15-30 viscosity mechanical oils, were used in the industry. Compared with vegetable oils, the rapid freezing effect was slightly lower, which was better in the price and supply chain stability.

Advantages of oil - based quenching liquid: uniform quenching, stable quenching effect, not volatile

Disadvantages of oil-based quenching solution: the hardening effect of carbon steel products with a large section is not ideal, and the surface is easy to be polluted (can be improved by adding stabilizer, surfactant and other components).

Water-based quenching liquid:

Water based quenching liquid is the most economical quenching base liquid, here water refers to pure water, its chemical stability is high, thermal capacity is large, in the field of low temperature quenching performance is very high, even beyond the oil base liquid

Advantages of water-based quenching solution: economical, stable supply source, high energy efficiency of low-temperature quenching (about 300 degrees)

Disadvantages of water-based quenching solution: poor quenching effect at high temperature, volatile and uneven quenching.

Water-soluble quenching solution:

Water-soluble quenching liquid containing the range is wide, mix with pure water and other chemical materials of new composite hardening liquid, such as industrial use more PAG quenching liquid, in particular the polyether type nonionic polymers (PAG) and can obtain other auxiliary composite additives and the performance of the water allocation of the vector, cooling capacity can be adjusted according to the chemical concentration of the added, quenching hardness evenly apply to demand, need tempering process again.

Advantages of water-soluble quenching solution: make up for the disadvantages of water-based quenching, and can adjust the concentration to improve quenching hardness.

Disadvantages of water-soluble quenching solution: after a long time and a large amount of quenching process, the concentration will change, and the water will be rich in useless/harmful chemical materials, all of which should be replaced.

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