portable oil filter manufacturing process and principle

Portable oil filter is an ideal equipment for filtering impurities and moisture in transformer oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, motor oil, switch oil, transformer oil, stator oil, motor oil, diesel oil, etc. The technical indexes of the products reach the high level in China.

portable oil filter manufacturing process and principle

Manufacturing process fully consider the separation is advantageous to the evaporation of separation temperature, time, vacuum degree, evaporation area and spatial distribution factor and separation medium in the process of equipment such as control, flow control, oil-water interface state control, oil-water interface height control, oil and water molecules foam thickness control, level control, pressure control, has realized the free water, dissolved water (micro water and emulsification water) fast separation at the same time.

Operating principle of portable oil filter

Inside it is a rotor with a dual jet nozzle, which is driven only by the pressure generated by the oil. After the equipment is turned on, the oil in the oil tank is sent to the rotor through the pump, and the oil is discharged along the nozzle at the bottom of the rotary table when the oil is full of the rotor. Then the driving force is generated and the rotor rotates at a high speed. It can rotate at 4000-6000R. P. Above m, the force generated is more than 2000 times that of gravity. The centrifugal force directly drives impurities to be separated from the oil.

Oil filter:

Primary filtration - oil intake - pressure control - fine filtration - oil output

Primary filtration: large particle impurities, visible directly, easy to remove in time.

Pressure control is to prevent the oil pipeline from plugging, the oil pressure is too high and cause equipment failure.

The fine filter adopts special filter element as the filter bed, the effect is quite good.

The product by the ministry (the former department of energy) appraisal, the technical indexes reach the level of domestic similar products xian into, power plants, power substation, power plant, electrical manufacturing, industrial and mining enterprises to filter transformer oil, turbine oil, transformer oil, switch oil, frozen oil, stator oil, engine oil, diesel oil moisture and impurity particles such as the ideal equipment.

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