pipeline colloid mill equipment grade

Equipment grade: chemical grade, pharmaceutical health grade I, health grade II, sterile grade, food grade.

Motor form: ordinary motor, variable frequency speed regulating motor, explosion-proof motor, variable frequency explosion-proof motor.

Power supply selection: 380V / 50Hz, 220V / 60Hz, 440V / 50Hz, 415V / 50Hz, 220V / 50Hz.

Motor options: noise reduction type, explosion-proof type, stainless steel sanitary cover type; PTC thermal protection control, frequency conversion control.

Colloidal grinding material: SUS201, SUS304, SUS316L, sus316ti, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant special stainless steel, wear-resistant hard alloy steel, etc.

Colloid mill options: liquid storage tank, drain valve, frequency converter, electric control box, mobile car.

Colloid grinding surface treatment: polishing, wear-resistant treatment.

Connection form of inlet and outlet: flange, screw, clamp.

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