oil injection by vacuum pump of oil filter of causes and solutions

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oil injection by vacuum pump of oil filter of causes and solutions

Some users in the use of oil filter, found that the vacuum pump smoke, and vacuum pump oil splash, splash of oil from the vacuum pump is still a little distance, 2-4 meters or so.

In the import of vacuum pumps, such as Germany puxu, lebao, ritschle, beck vacuum pumps because of the installation of oil mist separator in the exhaust port, can play the role of oil and gas separation, under normal circumstances, there will not be lampblack out, when the oil mist separator failure will have lampblack out. In this case, simply changing the mist separator (exhaust filter) will solve the problem.

But in some cases, change the exhaust filter will have this kind of problem, this is likely to be too much moisture in the oil, vacuum suction, lead to too much foam, if vacuum filter oil machine not installed filter oil machine automatic antifoaming device, it is easy to cause due to excessive bubbles in the vacuum separator, the oil from the vacuum pump exhaust mouth.

So, how to solve the commonly used traditional oil filter vacuum pump oil injection phenomenon, can be solved from the following ways:

A. There is too much dissolved gas and air in the oil to be treated. Solution: make the vacuum oil filter run in half vacuum until the gas content is reduced.

B. The oil required to be treated is too low and bubbling. Solution: make the oil run in the circulating condition of the equipment to increase the oil temperature.

C. If the oil level in the vacuum separator is too high, open the device ballast valve to reduce the oil level in the vacuum separator.

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