oil filter used in electric power plant is concerned about the use of filter

Main workflow description

Coal mill boiler system for coal train truck unloader, bucket turbine, belt conveyor, coal feeder

Electric feed pump boiler steam turbine generator

Electric feed water pump boiler water cooling pump cooling tower recycling

Primary and secondary fan air preheater boiler ash economizer Air preheater (heat exchange) ash pit precipitator induced draft fan chimney

oil filter used in electric power plant is concerned about the use of filter

Coal trains and unloading machine (also known as dumper) : in some power plants using the train train carrying coal, the capacity is strong, large capacity, low cost, but the power should be equipped with unloading machine, unloading machine dumping car coal in coal yard, is the main drive, hydraulic system using filter for hydraulic oil filter, such as: car dumper clip on wheel oil terminal filter, car dumper oil return filter absorption, tipper air filter, etc., some power plants use auto coal unloading machine doesn't exist.

Bucket turbine: It is used to excavate coal from the coal yard to the belt conveyor. Its shape is a long arm excavator that can be rotated. The machine system is mainly hydraulic oil driven, the main use of hydraulic system filters. For example: the bucket turbine pitch hydraulic station filter element, the bucket turbine luffing oil station filter element, the bucket turbine pitch hydraulic station air filter element.

Belt conveyor: The function is to transmit coal burning. The belt tensioning device is the main addition. It provides power to the hydraulic cylinder of the tensioning device through the hydraulic oil system and USES the filter element in the hydraulic oil system.

Pulverizer: Pulverize coal into pulverized coal to achieve complete combustion of coal as far as possible. In thermal power plants, coal grinders belong to large equipment and are placed indoors and driven by large motors. After the coal pulverizers pass through the coal grinders, the coal blocks are put into the screening equipment. The large coal blocks are recycled and pulverized again, and the fine powder is sent to the coal bunker. Its main oil system is hydraulic oil system and lubricating oil system, such as: coal mill high-pressure oil station filter core, coal mill high-pressure oil station filter core, coal mill reducer cooling oil filter core, coal mill spindle lubricating oil filter core, etc.

Coal bunker feeder: Pulverized coal from the coal mill is fed into the bunker by the silo belt conveyor and supplied to the boiler by the coal feeder. The coal feeder sends pulverized coal to the middle of the boiler and scatters it. The primary fan blows the pulverized coal into the combustion chamber through the convection of air and pulverized coal at the bottom of the boiler. It mainly USES lubricating oil filter element.

Boiler system: Boiler is one of the three main engines of power plant, is the heart of thermal power plant. There are three cycles through the boiler system: pulverized coal is burnt into coal ash and discharged; The water passes through the boiler and is transferred to the steam turbine. The air passes through the boiler and is mixed into soot.

Boiler wind basically has a few fan: primary fan, secondary fan (call again send fan), induced draft fan.

The primary fan is used for pulverizing and transporting pulverized coal into the furnace with high pressure and low flow rate (compared with the blower). Secondary fan (blower fan) is used to provide sufficient oxygen to the furnace to help combustion, low wind pressure, high flow rate; Both of them are in front of the furnace, and the induced draft fan is in front of the boiler's rear chimney, which is used to draw out the smoke and dust in the furnace, so that the furnace produces negative pressure, and the air is supplied by the secondary extension. The air from both primary and secondary fans is heated by an air preheater. It mainly includes primary fan air filter element, primary fan lubricating oil station filter element, primary fan hydraulic oil station filter element, primary fan lubricating oil station breathing valve, air preheater filter element, induced fan air filter element, induced fan lubricating oil filter element and so on. In addition, there are fire inspection fans, whose main role is to provide air to the combustion monitoring probe in the furnace, prevent the probe from overheating, the main use of fire inspection fan filter. Booster fans are arranged in the flue system behind the boiler induced draft fans. Each furnace is equipped with a booster fan. The function of the booster fan is to overcome the resistance of FGD flue gas system equipment and flue gas, and to provide power for flue gas entering desulfurization unit. The speed of the fan is constant, but in the operation process, the rotor blade Angle of the fan can be adjusted by the hydraulic oil system, so as to adjust the air volume according to the performance requirements of the boiler system, the same use of hydraulic oil filter, lubricating oil filter, booster fan air filter.

Boiler water is mainly supplied by the electric feed water pump and electric main coupler filter, feed water pump lube oil filter, boiler water and a water supply system, is also provided by the water pump, boiler make-up water feed pump filter include, in order to prevent dirt attached on the inner wall of the boiler, boiler water in boiler overheating and explosion, boiler feed water pump back flush and filter, etc.,

The coal burning in the boiler is fed into the furnace by the primary fan, and is burned into coal ash under the auxiliary combustion of the secondary fan. The turbidity in the overheated air is put into the dust removal filter under the negative pressure generated by the induced draft fan. Coal combustion before entering the furnace will be mixed with some limestone coal powder, absorb coal combustion after the sulfide, reduce the emission of smoke pollution. Ash and sulfur removal filters mainly use filter bags, which are widely used in power plants. The dust filtered out is then transported out by dregs, dregs also contain hydraulic oil filters, lubricating oil filters and so on! The air which has been filtered several times by a dust remover is discharged into the chimney by an induced draft fan.

Boiler water: The boiler supply water is mainly provided by the electric feed water pump. In addition to the boiler water which turns into steam, the boiler water is powered by the water pump and cooled in the cooling tower (cooling tower: the tall building with large two ends and thin middle in the power plant). After cooling, water is treated and recycled.

The chemical water treatment in the power plant mainly comes from the water containing chemical components after ash and sulfur removal, and the main process is: chemical waste water → waste water storage tank → oxidation tank → reaction tank →pH adjustment tank → mixing tank → condensing clarifying tank → cleaning tank (water quality monitoring)→ coal ash water system. Return the fresh water to the waste water storage tank. A lot of water filter elements will be used in the process, such as wire-wound filter elements, molten jet filter elements and so on.

Steam turbine: the main principle is to use boiler steam to drive impeller rotating drive generator generation, it is mainly a large mechanical energy conversion equipment, the use of filters are mainly hydraulic oil filters and lubricating oil filters. The steam from the steam turbine is cooled by the condenser to form liquid water which is discharged into the water circulation system. Turbine oil is often used in steam turbines. It is also the name of a hydraulic oil. In power plants, any machine that performs energy conversion can be called a turbine.

Generator: USES the theory of magnetic induction to generate electricity. The generator mainly USES the lubricating oil filter, the filter precision requirement is quite high.

The above describes the work flow of the power plant, the main use of the power plant equipment and equipment use filters. The power plant is a huge system, a small internal system is relatively complex, the use of filters involving oil filter, air filter, water filter, and the use of a considerable amount. Power plant filter elements used in the right will encounter non-standard parts, the need for field mapping to determine the model and size.

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