oil filter of start up and shutdown steps and operation

As an industrial lubricating oil filter, oil filter is widely used in power plant, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, manufacturing, steel, coal and other industries, widely used and long service life. In the process of using, there are some operation errors in the switching machine, which will greatly affect the service life of the oil filter. Today we will discuss the operation steps of the equipment and switch on and off the machine.  

oil filter of start up and shutdown steps and operation

1. Startup operation

1) Manually start the vacuum pump of the oil filter (the green button of the vacuum pump on the electrical control cabinet panel). After the vacuum pump runs, open the vacuum exhaust valve and the operation indicator light is on.  

2) When the vacuum degree in the system reaches -0.07mpa; Open the inlet valve and the system begins to fill with oil under the action of pressure difference. This is also the characteristics of the vacuum state filtration, filtration effect and efficiency are very good.

3). When the oil enters the vacuum separator and is higher than the oil infrared lower liquid level control point, the oil pump (the green button on the oil pump on the panel of the electrical control cabinet) will start automatically, start to operate, and the indicator light will be on;  

2. Stop the oil filter and operate

1). Firstly, it is necessary to turn off the heater (turn the temperature controller to position 0 and close the oil inlet valve after 3 to 5 minutes;

2). Stop the vacuum pump again (the red button of the vacuum pump on the electrical control cabinet panel) and close the vacuum exhaust valve;

3) open the air inlet valve and open the valve to avoid vacuum;

4). Confirm that the oil in the system is empty, otherwise the oil in the machine will easily cause equipment aging;

3. Key steps of oil filter operation

Stop working when the oil filter is closed. Many operators will turn off the power and finish the job, in fact, the important thing should be: open the valve at the bottom of the water tank or the water in the cooling buffer tank is being emptied to check the vacuum pump oil!

If emulsified, replace the vacuum pump, open the valve at the bottom of the coarse filter, and let the fine filter go.

If the oil runs out or stops working, adjust the temperature controller and reset, stop heating, the oil filter will continue to run for 3-5 minutes, and the oil inlet valve 12 should be closed. Close the vacuum pump and stop the vacuum. The vacuum is discharged through the oil pump. Shut off the oil in the separator and open the pump. Open the exhaust valve on the vacuum separator to eliminate vacuum, open the water storage valves 26, 28, 31'33' to release the remaining oil or water, and open the strainer. Open valve 16 to remove residual impurities.  

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