oil filter element and its summary of operating technique

The hydraulic oil filter has a wide range of use and is suitable for purification and regeneration of various lubricants in petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, machinery manufacturing, railway and other industries, with significant economic benefits.

oil filter element and its summary of operating technique

The machine will change oil after using for a period of time. Although the new oil and the old oil should be of the same brand and specification, before changing the oil, the old oil should be completely drained and washed clean. The places where the valve body, hydraulic cylinder, etc. can't be drained out and washed can't be washed out, because the mixing of the new oil and the old oil will sound the quality of the hydraulic oil. In addition, the factors that affect the quality of the hydraulic oil include:

1. Air. If there is gas in the hydraulic oil circuit, when the bubble overflows, it will impact the pipe wall and components to form cavitation, which will make the system not work normally, and the components will be damaged if the time is a little longer.

2. Physical and chemical reaction. Clean up the paint in the oil tank will lead to the change of chemical properties of the oil.

3. Water. The water content in the oil shall be in accordance with the technical standard of GB / t1118.1-94, and its quality index shall not be greater than the trace after the test. If the water content in the oil exceeds the standard, it must be replaced; otherwise, it will not only damage the bearing, but also rust the surface of the steel parts, Furthermore, it can make the hydraulic oil emulsify, deteriorate and generate sediment, prevent the heat conduction of the cooler, affect the operation of the valve, reduce the effective working area of the oil filter and increase the abrasion effect of the oil. Therefore, we must choose a good hydraulic oil.

4. Oxidation. Generally, the working temperature of hydraulic oil for construction machinery is 30-80 ℃, and the service life of hydraulic oil is closely related to its working temperature. Experience tells us that when the working oil temperature exceeds 60 ℃, the service life of oil will be halved for every 8 ℃ increase, that is, the service life of 90 ℃ oil is about 10% of that of 60 ℃, because the oil is oxidized.

5. Impurities. Impurities can not only wear the moving parts, but also affect the normal operation of the whole system once they are stuck in the valve core or other moving pairs, resulting in the failure of the machine.

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