nitriding furnace is introduced application method

Well furnace manufacturers to introduce the use of the well nitride furnace, the introduction of the well nitride furnace treatment refers to a medium under the temperature of nitrogen atoms into the surface of the workpiece chemical heat treatment process.

Pour ammonia gas into the stainless steel vacuum sealing tank in the nitride furnace, heat it to 520℃, and keep it for a proper time.

According to the workpiece material and layer requirements of 3-90 hours, so that the nitriding workpiece surface to obtain a nitrogen layer, get high hardness, high wear resistance, high fatigue limit and good wear resistance.

nitriding furnace is introduced application method

Operation method of well furnace:

1. The mold before nitriding must be the workpiece that has been normalized or tempered.

2. First use gasoline and alcohol to scrub the surface of the workpiece, there must not be rust, oil, dirt.

3. After loading into the furnace, tighten the pressure bolt of the furnace cover symmetrically.

4. Put the water inlet of the furnace tank and cover into the cooling water for circulating water cooling. The lower end of the cooling water of the pipe on the furnace cover is the inlet water, and the upper end is the outlet water. The furnace tank is separately flooded and drained.

5. Before heating up, nitrogen gas should be sent to exhaust, the exhaust flow should be more than twice as much as when using.

Exhaust after 10 minutes, to set the temperature control table (below) to 150 ℃, automatic heating switch to open, exhaust gas and heated to 150 ℃ for 2 h and exhaust, and then to set the temperature control meter to 530 ℃, the ammonia flow down, keep positive pressure in the furnace, vent has smaller flow upward pressure, when the temperature rises to 530 ℃, constant temperature constant current nitriding 3-20 h, then up the ammonia pressure, keeping the exhaust moderate pressure, nitriding 4-70 - h, then ammonia pressure down, back n 1 to 2 h, cut off the power and stop heating, and give a small amount of ammonia, maintain positive pressure in the furnace, Only when the furnace temperature drops below 150℃ can ammonia furnace be stopped.

Above is the well carburizing furnace to introduce the relevant content, I hope to help you.

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