mushroom drying equipment of drying technology

The drying of Lentinus edodes is no longer the traditional drying, but the competitive advanced technology and drying equipment in the international market to improve the processing quality of products.

mushroom drying equipment of drying technology

(1) After being put into the drying room, the mushrooms are put on the grill and sent to the drying room for baking. The large, thick and high moisture content should be placed in the upper layer, while the small and thin one with low moisture content should be placed in the lower layer.

(2) When the temperature of the drying room rises to 35 ℃, Lentinus edodes can be dried in the room. Two wet bulb thermometers should be hung near the window. Drying must be done at a low temperature, and then gradually increase the temperature. After being sent into the drying room, Lentinus edodes should be continuously baked until it is dried. The heating should not be interrupted, and the temperature should not be changed from high to low, otherwise the color of Lentinus edodes will turn black and the quality will be reduced.

(3) In the drying process of Lentinus edodes, in addition to strictly controlling the heating temperature, timely moisture removal is also an important link. The upper part of the drying chamber must be provided with a moisture discharge hole. If the surrounding environment is not conducive to moisture removal, exhaust fan should be installed, and the drainage hole should be directly connected to the outdoor.

(4) Ventilation in order to adjust the indoor temperature and ensure the hot air circulation in the drying room, it is necessary to ventilate the room at any time. Therefore, the lower part of the drying chamber should be equipped with two ventilation holes of 20cm × 20cm. If the air supply is not smooth, a blower should be installed. The air sent to the drying room should be purified first.

(5) During the quality inspection, press the junction of the cap and the stalk with your finger. If there are only traces, it indicates that the drying is qualified; if the handle is soft and the pleats are soft, the drying should be continued. The characteristics of qualified dried products are as follows: it has the special flavor of Lentinus edodes; the pleats are yellow, upright, complete and not inverted; the water content of mushroom body is not more than 13%; the original shape of Lentinus edodes is kept, and the cover is round and flat, and the natural color is maintained.

The mushroom drying equipment of dryer is a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving dryer, which can complete the drying of food with a small amount of electric energy.

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