multi-function regenerated transformer oil vacuum oil filter working principle

As a powerful manufacturer of oil filter for many years, we would like to describe to you the design and working principle of multi-function regenerated transformer oil vacuum filter. By understanding the structure and use of the equipment, we will help you to more carefully identify whether this type of transformer oil filter can meet your production needs.

multi-function regenerated transformer oil vacuum oil filter working principle

Multi-function vacuum filter oil machine working principle of the transformer oil regeneration design principle: using oil viscosity-temperature properties, processing oil heating oil to 50-65 ℃ lower adhesion of impurity, water, gas, oil molecules fully activated, the use of three-stage filtration and regeneration adsorption filtration to the interception and adsorption of oil particles, colloids and other take charge of the particles; Then vacuum separation, variable pressure analysis, zero pressure slow flow and other techniques to remove water, gas and other light components of harmful substances. The results of this type of oil filter are composed of filtration system, heating system, vacuum system, regeneration decolorization system, automatic control, protection system, cooling system, etc.

The working principle of the equipment is to remove impurities by using the oil through a special filter with high efficiency and high fouling capacity. With a special water segregator and personalized vacuum separator, which using the oil-wet hydrophobic technology and "air pockets" principle, the oil in a vacuum separator in the contact area expanded to hundreds of times, and "air pockets" system and makes oil evaporation surface area increased, and the evaporation interface constantly updated, to maximise the oil in the vacuum system of stroke and the static water loss area, make the moisture in oil in low thermal and high vacuum, large surface, high pumping speed under the condition of rapid evaporation evaporation and discharge by vacuum system. The water and gas discharged from the upper part of the vacuum separator will be cooled and dehumidified step by step by the cooling system, and finally discharged into the air by the vacuum pump. In vacuum separator, vacuum evaporation after dehydration drying oil, the oil transfer pump by negative pressure rise for the positive pressure, through the second intercept filter to improve oil cleanliness, then through regeneration adsorption device, oil and acid, adsorption of transformer insulation aging oil produced by glial component material, precision filtration after impurities, and then through the third net oil from the oil outlet, complete the whole process of net oil.

The filter system of multi-functional regenerated transformer oil vacuum filter adopts the principle of streamline filtering, and improves the cleanliness of oil products by improving the filtration accuracy step by step.

In the heating system, the heater is installed in the carbon steel container in the form of sealed finned tube. The multi-loop heating system makes the oil heated uniformly in the heater without dead oil area.

Vacuum separation system adopts three dimensional followed by flash technology will also contain trace of water and gas oil by 3 d flash technology full atomization process, increase its thin film of oil, water molecules, and then through the multi-stage vacuum in vacuum separator separation chamber and thousands of complex flash device, make the oil complete degassing dehydration for many times, at the same time to achieve full gasification process, so as to complete the trilogy of degassing dehydration, namely atomization to thin film is changed, vaporization, dehydration degassing efficiency 3-5 times, the system for maintenance free.

The decolorization regeneration system is composed of polymer adsorption materials, filters, etc. The monomer size of the former is 0.5 ~ 1.5mm, and it is filled with tiny holes in the diameter of 0.002 ~ 0.1mm. It shows a weak alkalinity, and the acidic substances in the oil are absorbed by medium or colloidal component substances, while other free substances in the oil are blocked by tiny holes or gaps of polymer adsorption materials along with the flow direction of the oil.

Automatic control and protection system is composed of infrared sensor, motor, solenoid valve, protection parts, etc.

The cooling system consists of radiator, cooler, water storage device and other parts. Water vapor and other gases vaporized in the vacuum separator enter the cooler after passing through the radiator, reduced water is collected by the water reservoir, and dry gas is discharged by the vacuum pump to protect the vacuum pump.

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