membrane filter press is not easily affected by acidity and alkalinity of sludge

membrane filter press is not easily affected by acidity and alkalinity of sludge

Diaphragm filter press is a filter press with an elastic film between the filter plate and the press cloth. Their membrane filter plate consists of two membranes and a core plate. High pressure, corrosion resistance, easy maintenance, high reliability. It has a strong stability, can maintain a good pressure filtering effect for a long time. Metallurgical, natural gas, paper, coking, pharmaceutical, food, brewing, fine chemical industry customers choice. After the initial filtration is completed, the filter cake is pressurized twice by introducing a high-pressure medium to further reduce the moisture content of the sludge cake. Diaphragm filter press filter plate is made of polypropylene. Compared with ordinary filter plate made of rubber or other materials, it is not affected by the acidity and alkalinity of sludge.

In the process of use, after the feeding is completed, the high-pressure fluid or gas medium can be injected into the membrane plate, the entire membrane will bulge the filter cake, thus further dehydrating the filter cake, which is often referred to as extrusion. The filter press with the filter chamber as the vane type filter plate can be roughly divided into two categories: chamber filter press and diaphragm filter press. Under the same filtration chamber volume and filtration area, the cost of diaphragm filter press is higher than that of box filter press.

The filter plate of the diaphragm press is formed by a single injection molding method of pure polypropylene. The membrane filter plate is composed of two polypropylene films with thermoplastic elastomers and an empty box hot pressed on the filter plate. In order to ensure that the membrane of the membrane filter plate is squeezed twice by the material, the internal pressure is filled with pressurized water or compressed air without rupture or pressure leakage, which requires not only high temperature and high temperature pressure extrusion process.

The main difference between diaphragm filter press and ordinary box filter press is that two elastic membranes are added on both sides of the filter plate. During the operation, after the feeding is completed, the high-pressure fluid medium is injected into the film to expand the entire film, filter the filter cake, and further dehydrate the filter cake, namely pressure filtration.

When using the diaphragm filter press for a long time, the use of hydraulic oil after a period of time or more or less will encounter this situation. The hydraulic oil seems to contain more impurities, or the hydraulic oil turns white and has no adhesion. This is the result of the emulsion.

Due to the simple working environment of membrane filter press, it may cause internal equipment failure. Diaphragm filter press is suitable for heavy rain, especially hot and humid weather in the south. Because the membrane filter control circuit contains a large number of circuits, electronic components and some sensors. Short circuits may result if the sensitivity of these sensors is affected by hot and humid conditions. When a diaphragm pressure filter pump is pumped into such a hydraulic oil chamber and applied to the piston, the forces between the objects are mutual, so the piston will apply the same force as the hydraulic oil and the hydraulic oil of the filter. Slowly get frustrated.

Just click the pump station to start, the hydraulic chamber will generate a lot of pressure, water will quickly break down into water molecules, and evenly distributed around the hydraulic oil molecules. After a period of oxidation and degradation, the hydraulic oil will slowly turn white and the mixture will not bear much pressure. The original volume is left in the environment, and the gap between the molecules is larger.

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