lubricating oil filter of operation advantage

Lube oil filter is a vacuum oil filter specially designed for mechanical oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, refrigerating oil, heat treatment oil, diesel oil, gear oil, gasoline oil and other industrial oils which cause water inlet, emulsification and particle pollution in the process of production, transportation and use. It is suitable for the reprocessing of lubricating oil such as mechanical oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, refrigerating oil, heat treatment oil, diesel oil, gear oil, gasoline oil and so on in the industries of mechanical manufacturing, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, transportation and railway.

lubricating oil filter of operation advantage

Through the special design of vacuum separation system and impurity filter system, our company can effectively remove the water, gas, impurity and volatile (such as alcohol, gasoline, ammonia, etc.) in the oil. Improve oil quality, restore oil viscosity, flash point and performance. Ensure the normal operation of hydraulic system, power system and lubrication system. The machine has short processing cycle and high efficiency. Therefore, the selection of lube oil vacuum filter is the inevitable trend of purifying equipment oil in various industrial and mining enterprises. It has significant economic benefits and is the best choice for energy saving and consumption reduction.

Main technical features of lubricating oil filter

1. Three-dimensional vacuum flash phase technology, the magnetic polymer material has super emulsification and dehydration ability. And break emulsification thoroughly, oil is not easy to emulsify again.

2. Using the latest technology from abroad, it integrates the advantages of gravity method, vaporization method, coalescence method, vacuum separation, mechanical classification and precision filtration.

3. Binary primary dewatering (i.e. the combination of atmospheric dehydration and negative dehydration), highly efficient dehydration, can completely remove liquid water, and can also remove 100% free water and 80% dissolved water.

4. Precision multi-stage filtration system, scientific design, step by step encryption, large amount of pollution, oil treatment can reach more than 4500T, filter element service life is long, can effectively remove the oil in the mechanical impurities, high quality imported filter material, to ensure the filtration accuracy, not only can make the injection 3≥200, and can make the cleanliness ≤NAS6.

5. The heating system adopts a new heating device, optimized pipeline design, low heating load, ensuring even heating and stable oil temperature. Ensure that there is no "dead oil zone", using multiple heating, according to the real-time oil temperature can automatically control the heating power input, make the equipment more energy saving. At the same time, avoid overheating and carbonization of oil.

6. Advanced automatic constant temperature, automatic liquid level control, automatic defoaming control, automatic pressure protection device, the control is sensitive and accurate to ensure the high-performance operation of the equipment.

7. The use of infrared liquid level control completely avoids the phenomenon of running oil, completely achieves the man-machine separation, can realize the unattended online oil filter, the running state is shown by the indicator light.

8. Adopt trapezoidal spiral automatic backwashing system and advanced media condensing device.

9. The machine is interlocked for safety protection, and the oil intake is interlocked with the heating system to avoid the adverse effects caused by wrong operation.

10. Unattended online or off-line purification of turbine oil in any grade of steam turbine and turbine operation. It can drain water without stopping the machine.

11. High quality filter elements and connection sealing materials with high corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and high mechanical strength are selected. The vacuum pumps and oil pumps are made of high quality famous brand products, and the seals are professionally treated with no leakage, low operating noise and long service life.

12. The temperature controller overcomes the defect that the traditional pointer temperature controller can only set one hot spot, and can set the upper and lower limits arbitrarily at 20-80℃, making the temperature display more intuitive. The temperature measuring probe can directly detect the oil temperature, which is sensitive and accurate.

The professional manufacturer of lubricating oil filter provides customers with high-quality and efficient lubricating oil filter, reasonable price and considerate service. We take the lead in realizing the warranty of our lubricating oil filter for five years and ten years, and go to the site to install, debug the equipment and train the operators free of charge.

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