lubricating oil filter of application

lubricating oil filter of application

Lubricating oil filter is an important measure to improve and ensure the cleanliness of the system, especially for systems with high precision or serious pollution.

Equipped with lubricating oil filter, it has the advantages of large flow and high precision. Circulatory filtration is used in both domestic and foreign high precision systems.

Compared with the filter on the main circuit of the system, it can choose the filter element with higher precision, without worrying about the blockage caused by the high precision of the filter element, which will affect the work of the system, so as to improve the pollution control level of the whole system.

The lubricating oil filter is also equipped with degassing and dehydration devices such as oil-water separation, which will not affect the system.

In order to obtain a good filtering effect, the circulation system had better choose the full flow filtering, the filtering flow and the system work flow match, so that the system working medium can be filtered in time.

For the system with insufficient filtration capacity, the method of adding or modifying lubricating oil filter is adopted, and the filter element with higher precision is selected in the circulation loop.

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