laser welding machine understand the application scope

Laser welding machine is currently compared to the advanced welding technology, this new technology beyond the traditional welding machine, has been widely used and developed in China. Compared with traditional welding machine, it has many advantages, the biggest advantage is that its welding speed is fast, the depth is large, the deformation is small, can stop the welding of some fine devices. In what areas are laser welding machines new?

Laser welding has been widely used in electronics industry, especially in microelectronics industry. Due to the small heat affected area, high heat concentration and low heat stress, the advantages of laser welding are shown in the packaging of IC and semiconductor devices.

laser welding machine understand the application scope

Plastic materials can all of thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomer can use laser welding machine, the commonly used welding materials have PP, PS, PC, ABS, polyamide, PMMA, pom, PET and PBT, laser welding machine technology of powder metallurgy materials products to their common advantage into the category of powder metallurgy materials processing.

Opened a new prospect for the application of powder metallurgy materials, such as using powder metallurgy material cohesion that is commonly used in brazing welding diamond, due to the separation of low strength, heat affected zone width in particular can not adapt to high temperature and high intensity request and provoked solder condensation is shattered and progress with laser welding can weld strength and high temperature resistant performance.

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