large well carburizing furnace of maintenance

Our company mainly produces all kinds of high-speed and heavy-duty gear boxes. Its heat treatment process is mainly carburizing, quenching and tempering process. The carburizing layer depth is up to 8mm, the hardness of the tooth surface is required to be HRC58-62, and the maximum weight of a single piece is 40 tons. In order to ensure the quality of heat treatment, we will put forward higher requirements for large well carburizing furnace, and at the same time, the system and continuity of equipment maintenance are also more Concern.

From installation, debugging to acceptance, the equipment is put into use finally. In order to ensure the continuous normal operation of the equipment, the follow-up maintenance is particularly important. According to the importance of equipment parts and maintenance frequency, it is divided into five parts for maintenance, and scored.

1. Furnace body (including furnace cover, furnace wall and furnace bottom)

It mainly includes: furnace cover lifting system, guide rail, travel limit, fan motor, pipeline, drip system, furnace mouth seal, air guide plate, muffle tank, guide cylinder, insulation layer, furnace bottom brick, furnace bottom seal, etc.

2. Temperature control system

It mainly includes: thermocouple, temperature instrument, various indicator lights, lines, etc.

3. Carbon potential control system

It mainly includes: oxygen probe and infrared instrument control system, methanol and isopropanol infusion system, flowmeter, liquid nitrogen supply device, air compressor, etc.

4. Water cooling system

Mainly includes: furnace cover, muffle tank, fan motor, furnace bottom sealing oil and other cooling system pressure and pipeline.

5. Electrical cabinet

It mainly includes: Line purging, air conditioning inspection, switch knob, alarm system, etc.

The above five parts, including 45 small items, are maintained by equipment operators, maintenance workers and electrical engineers; maintenance frequency: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance; after maintenance, special personnel are responsible for inspection and scoring.

After a long time of operation, continuous improvement and improvement in equipment management, the technical indicators of the equipment still maintain good performance, provide support for product quality assurance, and obtain good economic benefits.

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