industrial furnace bottom tilting mechanism advantages and disadvantages

The furnace with bottom tilting mechanism shall be installed on a special cradle, and the sector plates on both sides of the cradle shall be supported on two pairs of large idlers or bases. The sector plate is supported on two pairs of large idlers (or rollers). The cradle rolls along the idlers when tilting, and the track at the end of the steel chute is an arc. When tilting, the motor drives the transmission gear through the reducer, and then drives the fan-shaped rack to rotate. The fan-shaped rack is fixed on the fan-shaped plate, then the fan-shaped plate rolls along the supporting wheel, and the whole industrial electric furnace body tilts with the cradle.

The advantage of this mechanism is its high stability, but its disadvantage is its huge structure, large horizontal displacement at the end of the steel chute when tilting, and displacement towards the bottom of the furnace. The steel drum must be adjusted accordingly. This kind of mechanism is suitable for smelting and casting in the same span. When the furnace and the casting are in two different spans, the steel trough needs to be lengthened, which is not good for the quality of steel. In addition, the transmission equipment is all under the furnace. When steel leakage occurs at the bottom of the furnace, the mechanism is easy to be damaged. Special attention shall be paid to the protection.

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