high temperature heat treatment furnace main and auxiliary equipment

High temperature heat treatment furnace main equipment

1. Heat treatment furnace: high temperature heat treatment furnace refers to the heat treatment and heating equipment with furnace. In the heating process, the furnace is first heated, and then participates in the heat exchange of the workpiece, so the heating property of the heat treatment furnace belongs to indirect heating.

2. Heating device: heating device refers to the device that the heat source directly heats the workpiece. Therefore, its heating property is direct heating. The heating method can be that the workpiece is directly fired by flame, the current is directly input into the workpiece to heat it, and induction current is generated in the workpiece to heat the workpiece, plasma, laser and electron beam impact the workpiece and heat it.

3. Surface modification device: this kind of device mainly includes vapor deposition device and ion implantation device.

4. Surface oxidation device: surface oxidation device refers to the device that generates a dense oxide film on the surface of the workpiece through chemical reaction. It consists of a series of grooves, usually called bluing grooves or blackening grooves.

5. Surface mechanical strengthening device: the surface mechanical strengthening device refers to the device that uses metal shot blasting or pressure roller or applies prestress to make the workpiece form surface compressive stress or prestress state, including shot blasting machine and roller press, etc.

6. Quenching and cooling device: the quenching and cooling device refers to the quenching and cooling device for heat treatment, including quenching tanks, jet quenching devices and pressure quenching machines with various cooling media.

7. Cold treatment equipment: cold treatment equipment refers to the equipment used to cool the heat-treated parts to below 0 ℃. The commonly used devices are refrigerator, dry ice cooling device and liquid nitrogen cooling device.

8. Process parameter detection and control instrument: process parameter detection and control instrument, usually refers to the detection, indication and control instrument of temperature, flow, pressure and other parameters. With the application of computer control technology, the concept of heat treatment process parameter control has changed fundamentally. In addition to the conventional process parameter control, there are also static and dynamic control of process, mechatronics control of production process, computer simulation and so on. Computer control becomes the command center of process and equipment operation.

high temperature heat treatment furnace main and auxiliary equipment

High temperature heat treatment furnace auxiliary equipment

1. Cleaning and cleaning equipment: cleaning and cleaning equipment refers to the equipment for cleaning or cleaning the workpiece before and after heat treatment. The commonly used cleaning equipment includes alkaline water solution, phosphoric acid water solution, cleaning tank and cleaning agent of organic solvent (vinyl chloride, dichloroethane, etc.) and cleaning device with vacuum and ultrasonic. Cleaning equipment includes chemical acid pickling equipment, mechanical cleaning roller, sandblasting machine and shot blasting machine, combustion degreasing furnace, etc.

2. Furnace atmosphere, heating medium and penetrant preparation equipment ① heat treatment furnace atmosphere generation equipment, which includes: endothermic and exothermic atmosphere formed by combustibles; extraction of N 2 from air; preparation of H 2 and N 2 atmosphere by combustion of liquid ammonia decomposition cargo; organic liquid decomposition atmosphere and preparation of H 2 and other equipment. ② Heating medium preparation equipment, which mainly includes the storage, screening and mixing devices of salt, fluidized particles and oil for salt bath furnace. ③ Penetrant preparation equipment, which mainly includes solid, liquid and gas penetrant for chemical heat treatment, coating for preventing workpiece from heating and oxidation, coating for enhancing radiation heat absorption rate of workpiece, etc. ④ Lifting and transportation equipment, workshop lifting and transportation equipment refers to the mechanical equipment used for the transportation of workpieces in the workshop, equipment maintenance and hoisting, and sometimes also used for the hoisting of workpieces. This kind of mechanical equipment mainly includes: workshop crane, vehicle for transporting workpiece, roller table and transmission chain for transporting workpiece, etc. ⑤ Quality inspection equipment refers to the equipment for quality inspection of heat-treated parts. Such equipment has a wide range of applications, including metallographic structure, mechanical properties, workpiece size, defect detection and residual stress detection equipment. ⑥ Power transmission pipeline and auxiliary equipment refer to the pipeline system and auxiliary devices of power such as power, fuel, compressed air, steam and water provided to heat treatment equipment. It mainly includes pipeline system, fan, pump, air storage tank and liquid storage tank, etc. Production and safety equipment such as fire and dust removal. This kind of equipment is a device to prevent dust, waste gas and waste liquid caused by heat treatment production and to prevent and deal with fire and explosion accidents. It mainly consists of exhaust fan, waste gas cracking furnace, waste liquid reaction tank and fire sprayer.

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