high frequency quenching for metal parts advantages of using

On the one hand, the advantages of high-frequency quenching are reflected in the application range

1. High-frequency quenching can also be called high-frequency discharge machine. The heat treatment production line of various types of wire, strip steel quenching, annealing, tempering etc. in steel production enterprises is equipped with automatic closed-loop temperature control system to realize accurate temperature control.

high frequency quenching for metal parts advantages of using

2. Diathermy forming (high-frequency quenching equipment can be called high-frequency heating furnace, high-frequency diathermy furnace)

A. Hot heading and hot rolling of all kinds of standard parts, fasteners, mechanical spare parts, hardware tools, straight shank twist drill.

B. Heating and annealing of metal materials. Such as: steel tube stretch, bend, hit the head; Nails made by heating iron wire and steel wire; Stainless steel products annealed and inflated.

3. Heat treatment (high-frequency quenching treatment)

All kinds of hardware tools, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic components, steam, motorcycle parts and other mechanical metal parts of the surface, hole, local or whole quenching. Such as: hammer, knife, shear, pliers and all kinds of shaft, CAM, sprocket, gear, valve, ball pin, large machine guide, ductile iron quenching, all kinds of metal wire heat treatment pipeline.

4. Brazing (high frequency welding machine, high frequency brazing equipment)

Welding of various carbide cutting heads, turning tools, milling cutters, planers, reamers, diamond saw blades and saw teeth; Welding of abrasives, drilling tools and cutting tools; Brass, copper, stainless steel pot bottom metal materials such as composite welding.

5, metal smelting: smelting gold, silver, copper, etc.

6. Other heating fields

On the other hand, it is reflected in the performance and characteristics of high-frequency quenching:

1. Fast heating: the heating speed is less than 1 second (the speed can be adjusted and controlled).

2. Wide heating: Various metal workpieces can be heated (detachable induction rings can be replaced according to different shapes of workpieces)

3. Easy to install: connect power supply, induction ring and inlet and outlet water pipe can be used; Small size, light weight, very convenient to use

4, easy to operate: a few minutes to learn

5. Quick start: heating can be started after the water is electrified

6, less power consumption: compared with the old valve high if device power saving about 70%, the smaller the workpiece power consumption smaller

7. Good effect: the heating is very uniform (the temperature required by each part of the workpiece can be obtained by adjusting the density of the induction ring), the temperature is fast, the oxidation layer is less, and there is no waste after annealing

8. Adjustable power: non-pole adjustment of output power

9. Full protection: equipped with over pressure, over current, overheat, water shortage and other alarm instructions, and automatic control and protection

10, temperature control: by setting the heating time and infrared thermometer, to control the workpiece heating temperature, so that the heating temperature can be controlled to a technical point, can also increase the heat preservation function according to needs.

11. High safety: the booster transformer with nearly ten thousand volts is exempted

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