high frequency plastic welding machine working principle and application

Working principle of high frequency plastic welding machine: the processed PVC, TPU and EVA plastic film materials produce heat by friction between the upper and lower electrodes of high frequency electromagnetic wave, which causes the polar phenomenon of plastic molecules in an instant.

high frequency plastic welding machine working principle and application

High-frequency plastic welding machine advantages

1, the welding speed is fast, in a few seconds can make two or more layers of soft plastic instant fusion effect

2. Energy saving and environmental protection. Compared with traditional heating equipment, it has more advantages, instant heating and instant cooling

3, safe and reliable, through the high-frequency mold to make the soft plastic fusion and the plastic surface will not suffer any damage and firmly bonded

High-frequency plastic welding machine performance

1. Stable frequency, in line with international standards

2, a multi-purpose machine, different products need different mold

3. Customized according to the plastic welding plan

4. What products can be customized with different power, models and automation degree?

5. Automatic overcurrent protection + automatic spark protection system

High-frequency plastic welding machine application

Mainly used in the medical industry, automotive interior industry, industrial film industry, household products industry, inflatable plastic industry, blister packaging industry and leather embossing industry.

High frequency wave plastic welding machine can process products:

Urine bag, blood bag, bedsore mattress, air cushion, membrane structure, clear manure belt, tarpaulin, tent, carpet, door mat, fire shutter door, blister shell, electrothermal film envelope, magnetic suction curtain, leather cushion embossing.

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