heat treatment quality inspection content and method

Heat treatment is an important part of mechanical manufacturing. The quality of heat treatment is directly related to the internal quality and performance of products or parts. There are many factors that affect the quality of heat treatment in production. In order to ensure that the product quality meets the requirements of national standards or industry standards, all heat treatment parts are imported from raw materials, and each heat treatment process must be strictly inspected.

Product quality problems cannot be directly transferred to the next process to ensure product quality. In addition, in the heat treatment production, there is a qualified inspector, only according to the technical requirements of the heat treatment quality inspection and inspection is not enough. The more important task is to be a good staff officer.

In the process of heat treatment production, we must first see whether the operators strictly implement the process procedures and whether the process parameters are correct.

In the process of quality inspection, if quality problems are found, it is helpful for operators to analyze the causes of quality problems and find solutions.

Control all factors that may affect the quality of heat treatment to ensure the production of qualified products with good quality, reliable performance and user satisfaction.

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