heat treatment process improves the toughness of steel

Cast steel is a casting steel parts. In cast steel, its performance is somewhat similar to that of cast iron, and in use, it is stronger than cast iron. At the same time, in the process of casting steel casting, it is easy to appear bubbles and so on, so it needs extra attention in use.

The following is a brief introduction of the effect of heat treatment on improving the toughness of cast steel:

Water toughening of steel castings can improve the structure of some austenitic steels to improve their toughness. Water toughening of steel castings is actually a kind of solid solution treatment, which is often used in high manganese steel castings. Precipitate along austenite grain boundary carbides decrease the toughness of the steel, to eliminate carbides, heat the steel to austenitic area temperature, and heat preservation for a period of time, the carbide in the as-cast organization basically solid solution in the austenite, and then to quenching in water, resulting in a single austenitic organization, it can improve the toughness of the steel.

The above is the use of heat treatment process to improve the toughness of cast steel, using the correct production and processing process can make the cast steel toughness to get better improvement, and make the cast steel performance become more excellent, less likely to damage the situation. We must take note of this.

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