heat treatment plant

Heat treatment refers to the material in the solid state, through the means of heating, insulation and cooling, in order to obtain the expected structure and performance of a metal thermal processing process. As a result of heat treatment workshop concentrated a large number of heating equipment, and volatile salt vapor and soot, namely choking, and a certain toxicity. Therefore, the air convection inside and outside the workshop must be strengthened, and the heat treatment workshop should be relatively high:

1. The height of the small heat treatment workshop is 5~7m; The rail surface height of large heat treatment workshop is 7~10m. The workshop of heat treatment workshop must not use wooden structure, and had better be independent workshop. Heat treatment step in the machining workshop, it must be brick wall to the top and separated from the machine shop. Toxic cyanidation rooms and dusty sandblasting rooms must also be isolated from other work steps by separate plant or brickwork walls. The road inside and outside the heat treatment workshop should be kept open to facilitate rescue and evacuation in case of fire.

2. Lighting and ventilation heat treatment workshop should be light enough, good ventilation, in addition to the workshop should be a little higher, conditions should also be installed skylight; The total area of side wall window should account for wall total area above 50%, have two at least depend on exterior wall. Try to avoid building around the Windows of the outer wall, so as not to block and affect the lighting and ventilation of the workshop.

3. Suction and air supply equipment for volatile harmful, toxic substances and soot furnace, should be installed good suction equipment. The air absorption of nitro - salt bath furnace and oil bath furnace must be separated in order to avoid combustion. The higher temperature station in the heat treatment workshop should have the air supply device, to ensure that the temperature is lower and the fresh air is sent to the operation place under the high temperature, so as to improve the working conditions.

4. Piping heat treatment workshop in all kinds of pipes, such as: pipe, water pipe, compressed air pipe, steam pipe, gas pipe, liquefied oil windpipe, protective gas pipe, wire and tube, thermocouple wire and water quenching oil circulation pipe, etc.), should be layout in the underground or overhead laying respectively, so as not to interfere with operation on the ground and causes the damage of pipeline.

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